EregbuSAT Project

EregbuSAT Project

EregbuSAT Project Experiment

Erebgu-SAT is a Cubesat (10X10X10) prototype designed in 2012. The prototype simulated the communication between a satellite and its ground station (GS). The primary payload (mission) among other sensors it has was a magnetometer, which detected the Earth magnetic field and transmits the data to its ground station.

Aside from her primary goal of communicating with the GS, the prototype was also aimed at providing an opportunity for the participating student to experience the processes involved in small satellite development.

To minimise the cost, the prototype was built using more of locally sourced materials and components that were not "space" compliant.

During the design phase of this project, the students were divided into two groups (Group A and B) to work on the subsystems of Eregbu-SAT prototype. Each team conducted research on the past and current CubeSats technology and methodologies to determine which approach have been used and what components would be required for the Laboratory model (prototype).

The team A of the group was responsible for the design of the Electric Power Section (EPS), the Payloads (Sensors) and the Mechanical and Structural subsystem whereas the B team was responsible for the Command and Data Handling section (C&DH) and the Communication (COMMS) subsystems. Considering the time and required skills, the Altitude Determination and Control (ADC) and the Thermal Control subsystem were not covered in this work.

Each of the subsystems was tested before they were integrated together. The following shows the command format for our system

  1. Send Character “H” to get the House Keeping Data (HKD)
  2. Send Character “M” to get the Earth Magnetic field data
  3. Send Character “A” to get the Location and pressure at that altitude.

Eregbu-SAT prototype served as a proof of the concept and paved the way for further CubeSat development in Nigeria.

The participants also learnt how to work in a group similar to in real space projects.

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